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What Clients Have to say about SAF!
Holy Cow! Just spent two hours in an SAF session and I gotta tell you it was like going through 50 psychology sessions. I feel about ten thousand pounds lighter! Really amazing. Thanks so much!
I really never saw how defensive I was and how I magnetized so many people into my life that were emotional pollutants for me. After my SAF session, I see them without being defensive, and now I'll just withdraw from them. Thanks!
I've been all around the world with my businesses and have reported on all types of health and self-improvement programs. There is nothing like SAF anywhere - it is quite miraculous! I am flabbergasted at how my own life has been enriched with my personal SAF program.
I have a lot more energy since I've stopped seeing my situation as such a burden!
I'm learning that the physical is effected by the emotional and spiritual, that you can't treat one without the others. I'm coming into a sense of my own power and worth, and getting rid of excess baggage, like ----! As I prioritize and balance things in life differently, I find I have more balance within myself.
I am delighted to be doing SAF! I've made huge strides in my life and my career - bringing me clarity as to the exact direction I should take. I have confidence this will open me up as a writer.
I am now much more aware that my lifetime patterns have been in the genetic pooling. I'm excited that the chains have been broken - these were long-term issues through generations!
My vibrations are very high right now and I feel like a cloud has been lifted - thank you!
I've finally forgiven myself for letting money control me for so long. I've mistakenly let it be the prime mover in my life, which has created a lot of stress for me. Now I'm ready to go full steam ahead to accomplish what is important to ME!
After I did several SAF chains, I realized that I could use SAF not just for physical problems but to find hidden feelings. I began to see emotional patterns in my life that kept appearing in different situations. With this realization, I could sense a shift in my body and a change. I can now stand up for myself and feel freer about expressing myself with no guilt! People react to me differently, my life is changing, and people around me are changing as a result.
I had a great SAF session today. I was very apprehensive at the start, but never once felt the practitioner was judging me - I realized I've been the one judging myself! I was so disturbed by the word "hatred" but was willing to explore it if it meant making positive change. Hard as it was to accept, it makes perfect sense and I feel that I've NOT addressed the word/concept enough in my life, hence, the feelings of being stuck, blocked, uncreative, disinterested in life, etc. WOW! What a shift!