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The Homeopathic Self-Appraisal Index
The Homeopathic Self-Appraisal Index cover
Price: $26.95
The Homeopathic Self-Appraisal Index
A Materia Medica, A Repertory, A Guide to Homeopathy
London 1854: "If it should please the Lord to visit me with cholera I would wish to fall into the hands of a homeopathic physician." So wrote the Government Inspector to Parliament, following a devastating outbreak of cholera, in which 52% of non-homeopathic patients died, while the mortality for homeopathic patients was 16%.
After that epidemic, the British Royal family consulted with homeopathic physicians.

In 1900 in the United States, there were 20 homeopathic medical colleges and more than 100 homeopathic hospitals! Fully 1/3 of all physicians were homeopathic. The downfall started in 1938 when the herbal, diluted homeopathic remedies were declared "drugs" and thus came under the heavy arm of the FDA. Colleges were closed, practitioners were arrested. In the 1980s, there were harrowing stories of FDA "drug raids" and arrests of homeopathic practitioners.
Today, no longer categorized as drugs, we can purchase homeopathic remedies from practitioners, stores and the internet. But which ones to use?

History and use, remedy and symptom descriptions, and 26 remedies no medicine cabinet should be without.
Use this book to find a remedy - by Remedy description, by Symptom and Syndrome, by Blood Evaluation, and with SAF online (Alchem-184). This computerized tabulation propels homeopathy into the 21st Century!?
Add in the Synergists of vitamins, minerals, and glandulars and you are presented with a full spectrum.

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Price: $26.95