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The SAF Infrared Manual
The SAF Infrared Manual
With Infrared and SAF, you can finally understand what your animals are telling you. Read the fascinating case history in this book: "Joe Scogna, SAF and the Horse."

If SAF and the Infrared can do this with and for your animals, imagine what it can do for you and your hidden blocks. What is the "stuff" that hinders you from being all you can be?

Find what is ingrained in your DNA and running in the background, directing you in the present, as if you were still living in the past!

Your journey to self awareness starts here.

This BOOK is filled with history, interesting and amusing anecdotes. With this use, Infrared and the SAF Online database can find holistic and unique solutions each person.

This is a must-have book for practitioners interested in helping their clients disconnect from past traumatic events and for those wanting to understand more about energetic healing and the SAF method of self awareness.

Complete instructions for using the IR200 Infrared device (sold on Amazon) to create an SAF chain sequence, plus 9 EASY Steps to incorporate the chain of numbers with the SAF Online database of Interpretations and Remedies.
Price: $10.97