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The Writings Of Joseph R. Scogna Jr.
Joseph Scogna's writings reveal: the perils of electronic smog, radiation, life energy and human electricity, genetic blueprints and programming, nutritional evaluations, self awareness and stress processing, elemental pairs and the Periodic Table of Elements. Ask For Our Free Catalog call: (530) 820-3318
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Organs and Glands and Dragons... This is an easy version of the Self Awareness Formulas, but with all the organ and gland information necessary to help the new student of SAF. You'll learn about the numbering system, how the mind works, and how long forgotten traumas can affect your behavior in the present. You'll learn to dissolve old problems and make positive changes in your life. Learn More
To supplement or not? Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, which the human body needs. Vegetarian diets, weight lifting, decreased liver functioning and chronic exposure to toxins can cause deficiencies of amino acids. Low protein diets in particular can result in lowered levels of arginine, glutamine, glycine, taurine and others. Naturopaths have reported that supplements of alanine, glutamic acid and glycine have controlled the symptoms of an enlarged prostate gland in men. To relieve depression, practitioners have used tryptophan to raise the serotonin levels in the brain. (note: for this product, use only homeopathic preparations or bottles labeled "contains only naturally occurring L-Tryptophan".) Learn More
Joseph Scogna was the originator of the Self Awareness Formulas (SAF) and initiated the use of infrared to read the subtle energy field. Learn More
The view of allergy as demonstrated by SAF procedures is one of logical mathematical progression. Certain pains and sensations beget unconsciousness and the death of specific cellular life forms within the body, which in turn allows what we call a "Z Reaction" to take place. The Z Reaction can be explained simply as energies that are in high stimulation. An allergy is an overload; there is too much of a particular vibration entering our field.

Scogna writes: "The universe, that is, particularly the energies of the environment, is composed of sound vibrations. These sound vibrations ultimately conglomerate to create masses that are visible. It is hard to believe that the energies we have grown to know and love in our surroundings are actually composed of vibrating, scintillating sounds." Learn More
What is homeopathy? How does it work? What do our symptoms mean? Learn More
For anyone curious about the originator of SAF (Self Awareness Formulas). Joseph Scogna was interviewed and presented a glimpse of his early work, including the radiation studies and allergy. Learn More
98% of our DNA is considered by mainstream science to be "genetic gibberish, junk."
Deep inside, we know the TRUTH!
Open the pages of this book and UNLOCK the HIDDEN SECRETS... Learn More
In this fascinating, futuristic journey into the invisible world within us, the reader will discover the inner workings of our subtle energy levels, memory, genetics, reception and transmission of stimuli. Scogna lends a unique voice and personality to the light and dark of the most mysterious, complex circuit known to man, our nervous system. Learn More
Scogna devised the Metabolic 440 program in the late 1970s; it was from this energetic information that the SAF project was launched. The author defines the effects of and balancing of twenty-two minerals in the body (11 pairs), as well as the synergists, anti-synergists, and sources. Contains the electric contact points where these can be stimulated. Learn More
Life Energy and Human Electricity!
In Project Isis, Joe Scogna describes human electricity in electrical terms (voltage, current, ohms) as this best illustrates the transference of energy and communication among the body systems, as well as between the body (mass), mind (energy) and spirit (concept).

In this outstanding work, Scogna puts forth the formulas for the axioms of human energy. The reader will learn how we create POWER and ENERGY, how our mental images are formed and stored, and about the effects of mass-energy imbalance, which might cause someone to ask us, "What's the matter?"
240 pages, soft cover. Learn More
Become fluent in the language of SAF. SAF flashcards are a quick and easy teaching tool for memorizing the SAF Numbering System. Learn More
Need new ideas for helping your clients? Look no further than the SAF Modality Sorter. It will take the chain sequence (created by special Questionnaires or Infrared) and determine which of the 69 modalities in this book offer the most benefit.
Learn More
A terrific reference for the student or practitioner on how the ravages of pollution and atmospheric toxicity have affected us on an energetic level. 116 symptom entries include: workaholic; inability to think; postpartum depression; anxiety felt in stomach; loss of hope; sadness after sex; destructive compulsions and many more. Learn More
For those desiring an appraisal for themselves or their clients, this text follows the homeopathic principles of self-examination. It includes symptoms of single homeopathic remedies, therapeutic cross-indices for symptoms with vitamins, minerals and glandular products, as well as homeopathic remedies when working with blood chemistry. Learn More
Aligned with the numbering system (1-24), this book has basic descriptions of the corresponding organs and glands and emotions as described with the SAF method. This information is not found elsewhere. Learn More
"Promethion" is a hybrid word taken from Prometheus, the god who took fire from heaven and gave it to mankind, and Ion, the unit of physio-electric energy that results from activity and motion.

Scogna explains that many of the illnesses and diseases from which mankind suffers can be explained through the use of electronics; the human body on all levels is itself an electronic machine. The biological parts are fashioned from minute electric energies, which are directed by the genetic blueprint of the body. Many of our fancy electronic devices are merely copies of the electronic circuitry of the human mind and body, including the computer. This concept has far reaching complications for humankind, for the materials that are used are the same quality of radiation that is cast off as the polluting shroud of nuclear power plants, microwave devices, television, telephones and synthetic chemicals. How can we exist in a world the demands Life Energy, yet smothers it with pollution?

Scogna sets the stage by explaining the fields and shields of the body (the auric or human energy field), which can be manipulated and unbalanced by association, contact and impact with radiant waves of energy including radiation, microwaves, household appliances and other frequencies in our modern world. When unbalanced or twisted, the most basic fluids of the body are erroneously redirected and thus the vital life forces decline.

The reader will learn how the body is magnificently balanced by cosmic and atomic energies working harmoniously. The information is down-to-earth and presented from an energy perspective that will change forever the reader's view of existence. Learn More
With Infrared and SAF, you can finally understand what your animals are telling you. Read the fascinating case history in this book: "Joe Scogna, SAF and the Horse."
Learn More
This extraordinary self-help manual describes in detail the innovative science of the Self Awareness Formulas, called SAF. Scogna cross-correlated disease, psychological upsets, pain and the emotions with mathematical probability to create a method that unravels the metabolic connections of body, mind and spirit. Learn More
Immediately following the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island, Joe Scogna used his questionnaires and nutritional evaluations at various clinics in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. The results formed the backbone for this book and the SAF project, and stimulated his research into the mechanics of life energy.

Because of the continuing nuclear threats around the world and the increase in drug use (especially those legally accepted and prescribed), we realized it was time to republish. Joe's message is still timely and just as urgent today - humanity for the most part is unaware of how all the errant energies and opposing frequencies affect us.

It is essential that we understand the invisible electromagnetic pollution around us AND what we can do about it. The book explains the Radiation Cocktail and Detox Program; how and why certain nutrients, foods and herbs work better than others when detoxifing. This is a hopeful book that Joe dedicated to Future Man. Learn More
What does my Cholesterol reading mean? How are my Triglycerides? My Glucose? Do I have to take medicine (drugs) to get these under control, or is there a more natural way with diet and nutrition? Learn More